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JVA Planning and Designs is a diverse and dynamic design firm that offers the full range of planning, urban design and landscape architecture professional services. We bring our passion for design, our life experiences from around the globe, and our top-notch education together to create stimulating places in which to live, work, and play. JVA Planning and Designs embraces the collaborative approach with the design team and our clients. Our projects follow a coordinated progression from traditional charrettes through the design process to construction completion. In addition, JVA Planning and Designs utilizes technological diversity to maximize project results and fully realize client expectations.

JVA Planning and Designs (formerly VBM Studios) has assembled highly experienced team members specifically for projects in the Mojave Desert. Our in-house staff of ten (10) have over sixty years of combined development and design experience. Our team has a proven track record of success in completing quality projects on time and on budget. Our extensive experience has included numerous projects in the past ten years that involved similar elements to this assignment. The planning, landscape and design standard development experiences of the team are quite significant and are based upon numerous examples of successful projects of similar size. We have landscape planners and landscape architects that understand the overall design standards and implementation procedures needed to enhance the revitalization of the subdivision landscape.

We are a Design Collaborative firm with state of the art technologies that allow us to keep our staff extremely efficient. We use the combination of hand drawn concepts and computer systems so that our response is immediate to critical follow thru issues and provides accurate interface with clients and consultants but still allows for creative design inputs. We believe in stewardship of the land and strive towards sustainability in all our designs. Our commitment to principal involvement in all phases of the project, from inception through completion, allows us to become an integral part of the design team contributing creative, timely solutions ensuring well conceived projects and creative involvement in all phases of the project. Our approach will take months after completion of the contract. It will encompass the entire landscape planning process.

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